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Wednesday, 27 Mar 2024

Life moves fast.

Next Wednesday (officially) marks the end of my two-year service in the Singapore Army (I ought to — and will — expound on this further in a future reflection). Officially because I have been on medical leave for the past two months following a government-sponsored nose job (a septo-rhinoplasty), to which I’m eternally grateful for my newly-functioning nostrils.

And the very next day, I’ll be flying to Taiwan — the beginning of a two month long trip. Thirty days bike-packing Taiwan (would’ve loved to stay longer, but I’m too lazy to apply for a visa), a week back in Singapore, then three and half weeks in Morocco (especially looking forward to this leg). Andddd a week after that, I’m headed to SF to work full-time on Horus with Allen and team. Maybe college, but who knows.

But what I meant to say (apologies for the long-windedness) is that I’m effectively uprooting myself from Singapore. Tossing the essentials into a 30L backpack for the trip, packing keepsakes and other sentimental sh*t into boxes for the storeroom, donating/dumping everything else. I started decluttering this very week as my two (space and privacy-deprived) younger siblings are vying to colonise my bedroom once I leave for Taiwan.

Here are some of the things that populate my physical space.


This has devolved into a stocktake. My sincerest apologies. I swear they all mean something to me.