hey, you found me.

Hey, I'm Rafael.

// I’m a 20 y/o developer born and raised in Singapore, currently bouncing all over the place. On the side, I’m a drummer, analog enthusiast, and die-hard Liverpool Football Club supporter.

// Recently, I've been trying to write a little. Check out my photography too.


  • Bike-packing Taiwan (April ’24); exploring Morocco (May ’24).

  • Tinkering with on-device vision models at Wormhole.

  • Overheating Macbooks at Photon, an indie iOS development studio I founded. We’ve launched:

    • Dime; an open-source personal finance manager featured by Apple.

    • Empty; a delightful intermittent fasting tracker.

  • Squandering my savings bulk-rolling, shooting, and developing 35/120mm film.


  • Served as Chief Clerk of the 5th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment as part of my mandatory 2 years of National Service.

  • Worked on Certified at Carousell, spearheading growth, merchant acquisition, and warranty in the electronics vertical.

  • Founded Bridge, a mobile payments application for teens featured by local and regional press.

  • Idled Blossomed over 6 years at Raffles Institution.

    • Ran cross country for 4 years. Absolutely dreaded it. But I'm starting to appreciate running again (kinda).
    • Hopped over to long jump to play in sandpits (therapeutic much).
    • Occasionally feigned illness and procured medical certificates to skip classes.